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The community of Unterkohlstätten lies in the northeastern part of the county of Oberwart. The landscape is characterized by soft hills and forests and is bordered by the Bernstein Mountains in the west and the Günser Mountains in the east. The first documented mention of the community was in 1597. The township is comprised of the communities of Unterkohlstätten (Alsószénégetö), Oberkohlstätten (Felsöszénégetö), Glashütten bei Schlaining (Szalónakhuta), Günseck (Gyöngyösfö), Holzschlag and the Rotte Weissenbachl.

The names of the communities all stem from the use of wood. The “charburners” were at home in Oberkohlstätten with their charcoal silos; the “limeburners,” who needed a lot of wood to heat their furnaces, were in Unterkohlstätten; much wood was felled in Holzschlag for the lordship Bernstein; and the craftsmen who made wooden rakes were at home in Günseck. In Glashütten, as the name implies, glass was produced. Later, in the surrounding forest, timber was felled which was then transported to Rechnitz by a forest train.

The first project of the area’s nature park society was the construction of a communal circular path which connects all of the villages. Further attractions were created through the construction of a lime oven (Unterkohlstätten) and a charcoal silo (Oberkohlstätten).

A hiking map was newly issued and the hiking paths were marked with points of interest and information boards.